Founded in 1952, Koyo Bear is one of Japan’s most famous footwear brands.

Best known for their iconic Table Tennis shoes - developed in the 1960s with Japanese ping-pong legend Ichiro Ogimura - Koyo Bear is synonymous with the sport of Table Tennis.

Ogimura Match

Ichiro Ogimura, was a mythical figure in table tennis.

Substituting the sword for the paddle, his aggressive playing style and sharp mental focus drew inspiration from Samurai, martial arts and zen philosophy.

Winning twelve world championships victories, he defined how the modern game is played.

Through his collaboration with Koyo Bear, Ogimura was a pioneer in table tennis footwear, clothing and equipment.

Ogimura was also a key figure in the “Ping-pong Diplomacy” of the early 1970s, brokering a sports-led détente between the United States and People's Republic of China.

Iconic Image of Ichiro Ogimura holding a table tennis paddle.

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The Sharpman

Introduced in the early 1960s, The Sharpman is the world’s first sports shoe made exclusively for professional table tennis players. Designed by ping pong legend Ichiro Ogimura, its lightness and exceptional grip made it an essential offensive tool, enhancing his lightning-fast footwork and reflexes. Its elegant silhouette makes it an enduring sportswear icon, on- and off-court.

Ichiro Ogimura — Striking Forehand Smash.

Sharpman 2020. Limited re-release.